Arch. Luca Ariedi
Arch. Dario Moretto

The connections between the city and area have been redesigned, increasing the ecological character. Rows of trees accompany the people within the area. The paths that connect the various buildings are covered by shelters that help the reading of the project. The material of the shelters is the corten steel, a material that refers to the naturalness of the trunks of trees.

The access for cars is separate from the pedestrian-bicycle, located in the north of the project area.

The buildings have been restored and maintained the project addresses, respecting the proposed functions. The first four-storey building was designed to house a shopping mall with a large central ramp leading to the all floors up to the green cover. Beyond the ramp there is a safety ladder and two elevators. In all buildings there are health services and a room for plants. The shops are developed in the first three floors, while on the top floor there are offices and a playroom for children. The three hotels have been designed with the same functional characteristics.

There is a ground floor & restaurant, a reception and an entertainment area. In the subsequent plans there are double and single rooms, while the upper floors are the executive offices. All three covers are practicable and designed as roof gardens. The covers are good points to observe the visual landscape and monuments neighbors. The last building was regenerated in an outdoor shopping mall. The shops open into the garden with ramps leading up to the roof.