ALUX smart

Arch. Luca Ariedi

The world is becoming increasingly smart, wearable and portable. The best current technologies are modular and assemblable.

The goal is to rethink sports equipment for the new ecological and smart transport systems. Increasingly compact vehicles and slow transport systems look towards functional and compact equipment.

Alumax is a system of guides for sports tables to increase the transportation facilities. Volumes and lengths are reduced to facilitate the portability of surfing, skiing, snowboarding, kite-surfing, stand up paddle, skateboard etc.

The system design is complete with customized ABS covers, that perfectly integrate the guides to the sports tables. The guides are designed to to fix various gadgets (sports cameras), sensors (accelerometers, temperature, pressure) and attacks (attachments for skis, snowboards, kitesurfing) to optimize the use in the boards we designed profiles with reduced thickness.

You can put Alux smart into your backpack and go everywhere you want thanks to the reduced length and volume.

Now it’s easy carrying sporting equipment into hiking, holidays and climbing, for example.