Arch. Luca Ariedi

Artbike is a portable design kit. This item is intended for architects, designers, artists and creative people who need to write / draw their ideas while they make a stop cycling.

I often need to chart and pens while running cycling for: remember a name, a street, make a sketch of a building or a mechanical component. I believe that a kit like this is useful to be able to transfer on paper their ideas everywhere.

The kit may contain pencils, A5 size paper, rubber, paint brush and a dozen colors in a tube. Thanks to the water bottle you can fill the compartment and start painting.

Free rein to creativity while traveling by bike!

Technical details

The kit is assembled with three molded parts, 2 screws M5x18 mm, 2 screws M3x40 mm and a screws M3X20 mm.

Printing was done with makerbot 2x:

Central part 6 h

Down tap 30 min

Color Part 1 h 30 min