Arch. Luca Ariedi


Starting from the analysis of African territory,we can see that the central part is rich of rivers which develops a lot of the settlement and the more fertile areas. Many capital and large cities develop around the rivers.

The African population is devoted to agriculture : from 50% to 90% of the population is dedicated to this activity. The nutrition will be an important aspect in anticipation of a strong demographic growth.

The project studies the possibility to develop the settlement around the rivers with new towns and increasing the green wall in this area of Africa, in proportion to the population growth.

The result is the green wall in the middle of Africa, reducing the advance of the desert and satisfying the primary needs of these populations.

The sustainability of living systems is designed according to the possibilities and knowledge of the local population. At the base, there is a division of those interventions that can perform specialized operators and those carried out by people for their own well-being.

The possibility of this intersection of ability makes the interventos cost of operation very sustainable. The structure of the shed is in both dimensions maximizes that form, to fit the envelopes. The structure is designed with the principles of shading, rainwater capture, producing energy and natural ventilation. The link with the site is perceived not only by material and forms but also by city layout that takes advantage of all the local resources.