Abitazioni prefabbricate

Abitazioni prefabbricate monofamiliari con struttura portante in legno

Venice Wooden House

Arch. Luca Ariedi

Veronica Tonon

Concept Design

The detached house project is developed in Venice, more precisely in Caorle lagoon. The design of the House is the modern revival of the “CASONI” lagoon; historical buildings with wooden interlocking structure and a coverage in marshy reeds. The "CASONE" is the typical house of the fishermen in Caorle lagoon, as much beloved by Ernest Hemingway to mention them in the novel "across the river and into the trees".

These are examples of historical architecture, characterised by a special simplicity design and, at the same time, by rustic features and especially with the use of construction materials taken directly from the lagoon environment and placed under primary processing.

By using the constructive system of structural wooden panels, all the walls can be assembled in the factory. The same size does not exceed 2.7 m heigh and 4 m length, suitable for road, rail or ship transport. The plants are already integrated to the walls and connected during the assembly. Created the Foundation, the pillars and the walls priests wooden floor, the second step is the installation of the attic, the walls of the second floor and the roof. The cover, being also in modules, can be created in the factory.